About Us

Helping every Australian with a disability live their life to the full

Whether your need is supported residential care, self-managed services, or support for mental health issues, we can help you live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Through our Disability Services program, you can learn new skills like cooking or learning to drive, and make new friends.

Our foster care program has helped thousands of people with disabilities find loving homes with fully trained foster carers providing respite or full-time care.

If it’s work you’re looking for, we provide paid work for people with disabilities from garden maintenance, to packing and office work.

Start reaching for your goals today.


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About Challenge Community Services

58 years ago we were a small band of parents and friends seeking support services for our children with disabilities. Today, Challenge has grown to be one of the largest community support services in New South Wales. We provide support to over 1000 people from Albury to Lismore, Sydney, Dubbo, Tamworth and beyond. With over 500 staff, 130 of which have a disability, we strive to comply with and exceed all standards required under State and Federal Acts.

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